The enemies of God fear us because we are united with God.

– Madam Guyon

Satan has no claim on Me. He has nothing in common with me; there is nothing in me that belongs to him, and he has no power over Me.  – John 14:30

Everything you see written in Scripture is your inheritance. It is ours to receive. So we must live from the place of Jesus’s declaration that “it is finished” realising that we now have full access to all of God’s immense, unlimited love, protection, wisdom and resources for our lives. Heaven is mobilised on our behalf and Jesus’ very strength is within us now by His Spirit. 

Our power in the spirit realm is our life lived out in the secret place with God. Through Jesus’s blood, God becomes resident in the earth again through His people. As you live out of your authentic life in Him, you will be undefeatable and will achieve your highest purpose.